The Liberal Democrat Group on Rutland County Council are astounded at the way this Tory-Independent coalition Administration has conducted itself over their decision to close Catmose Sports Centre (CSC). 906 paying members and far more paying guests and various sports’ clubs are now set to lose a superb local facility.

This is another example of what we as Lib Dem Councillors have been repeatedly told by our electors; that they are fed up with decisions made behind closed doors.

This Council has trumpeted their aim of transparency in government, yet this decision (as have others) has been made in a “closed session” of Cabinet (the group of 6 Conservative and Independent councillors who form Rutland’s administration).

Further, ongoing discussions on CSC have been led by a project board which neither meets in public nor provides public minutes. This project board includes one Independent and one Conservative councillor.

Rutland County Council’s press release on the closure of CSC seeks to imply that cabinet had the approval of the cross-party Scrutiny Committee (a committee of the Council that helps develop policy and challenges the administration’s policies). This is far from the truth. At a meeting in December the Scrutiny Committee made it clear that their preferred option was that CSC remain open for 2 years to enable all options for long term provision to be explored. Instead Cabinet chose the most convenient nuclear option; to close the centre.

As Liberal Democrats we appeal to this Administration to reconsider their decision. They can do this if 3 of the Cabinet members present a motion to reconsider.

Come on, listen to your public!

Catmose Leisure Centre
Our response to the closure of Catmose Leisure Centre